Grand Alaska(Twin Room,Start Anchorage, End Anchorage)
For 18 - 35 Young Professionals, Singles and Students

Vacation Overview

Alaska invites you to feel the call of the wild, as you traverse spectacular, untouched landscapes and spot roaming wildlife and gobsmacking glaciers. Stopping off at some of the biggest and most spectacular National Parks in the world, you'll hike and camp in the heart of nature, canoe down winding rivers, stay in cosy lodges and have plenty of opportunities for scenic flights, touring mines and even ice climbing.

Grand Alaska(Twin Room,Start Anchorage, End Anchorage) Vacation Itinerary
Vacation Day 1 - Anchorage

We'll begin in the largest city of Alaska, where you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the mountain ranges on arrival. This rugged city is a gateway to the nearby wilderness and National Parks, and the people who live here share their wild landscape with families of wolves, moose and bears – it’s safe to say this isn't a city like you've experienced before! We'll spend this evening settling in and trading tales with our Contiki crew over a dinner of local Alaskan fare.

Vacation Day 2 - Anchorage to Denali National Park via Talkeetna

This morning we'll head to the heart of adventure: Denali National Park.Arriving at our campsite, we'll have plenty of opportunity today to hike this awe-inspiring landscape - six million acres of wild land - hoping to spot bears, moose, caribou or wolves (while maintaining a safe distance!) The beautiful taiga forests give way to an incredible tundra with snow capped mountains and America's tallest peak, Denali Mountain.

Vacation Day 3 - Denali National Park

Today we'll strap on our boots and explore more of Denali's spectacular hiking trails, feeling the tranquility of the wilderness and unhinging our jaws at the vistas we encounter. We'll also have the opportunity for a seriously scenic flight around Mt Denali, known as 'the roof of America'. In the evening we'll sit around the campfire under the twinkling skies and swap stories of our adventures.

Vacation Day 4 - Denali National Park

Another day, another adventure in this wild and beautiful land. We'll walk low valleys and high mountain passes, check out Savage River and admire all of those towering granite spires. As the sun sets, anyone for s'mores?

Vacation Day 5 - Denali National Park to Wilderness Glacier Camp

Next up it’s time to drive the Denali dirt road, admiring alpine vistas and staggering mountain passes.We're heading to the Maclaren River Lodge, where we'll meet our hospitable hosts Alan and Susie. They know the local area better than anyone, and will take us on a boat ride up the glittering waters to the Wilderness Glacier Camp. Save your Insta snaps for upload later, ‘cos there’s no phone reception here - just camping, exploring and hiking in the wilderness.

Vacation Day 6 - Maclaren River Lodge

Today we'll take a canoe down the winding Maclaren river......before arriving at the beautiful lodge and relaxing to the sounds of the rushing water. Tonight we'll stay in the cosy lodge, nestled in nature.

Vacation Day 7 - MacLaren River Lodge to Wrangell-St Elias

Today we're heading to the largest National Park in the United States.For the next few days we'll be staying at the ‘End of the road’ campground. We'll travel 60 miles of gravel road stretching along the old Copper River and Northwestern railways. Once populated with copper mines, this was also the site of the great Alaskan gold rush.

Vacation Day 8 - Wrangell - St Elias National Park

We'll wake up today surrounded by the sprawling vistas of Wrangell - St Elias National Park, rising 18,000 feet from the ocean. This place is bigger than than Yellowstone, Yosemite and Switzerland combined! From lush forest to sparse tundra, with moose, caribou, hares and millions of birds. Today we'll soak up all that beauty, with options to pick up a pair of axes and go ice climbing, or taking a walk over a gobsmacking glacier.

Vacation Day 9 - Wrangell/St Elias National Park

There are more adventure opportunities today in this sweeping National Park. Whether you opt for a guided tour of the old copper mines, go rafting down the snaking river or take a scenic flight over the snow-capped peaks, there's so much beauty to soak up today.

Vacation Day 10 - Wrangell/St Elias to Valdez

Today we'll bid farewell to St Elias and head towards ValdezValdez is a terminus of the 800-mile Trans-Alaska pipeline. After the disastrous Exxon oil spill of 1989, flora and fauna has miraculously recovered to set a gorgeous landscape for us to explore. Today is packed with even more optional adventure activities - we recommend the Columbia Glacier Sea Kayaking for spectacular scenery and unique options to spot the local wildlife.

Vacation Day 11 - Valdez

Home to so much wildlife, wildflowers and miles and miles of dreamy trails, Valdez will steal our hearts for the second day running. Check out some waterfalls or walk through the largest National Forest in the USA. On our final night we'll again group around the campfire, for one last evening of swapping stories and stargazing.

Vacation Day 12 - Valdez to Anchorage

Today we'll finish our epic Alaskan adventure, but not before admiring the views of the Worthington glacier as we traverse Thompson pass.One last stop will allow us to see our farewells, but we'll be back soon enough.

Vacation Prices
24 Jun,2021
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24 Jun,2021 16:00 05 Jul,2021 17:00 3255 USD twin available
24 Jun,2021 16:00 05 Jul,2021 17:00 3255 USD twinShare available
24 Jun,2021 16:00 05 Jul,2021 17:00 3380 USD single available
15 Jul,2021
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15 Jul,2021 16:00 26 Jul,2021 17:00 3255 USD twin available
15 Jul,2021 16:00 26 Jul,2021 17:00 3255 USD twinShare available
15 Jul,2021 16:00 26 Jul,2021 17:00 3380 USD single available
22 Jul,2021
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22 Jul,2021 16:00 02 Aug,2021 17:00 3255 USD twin available
22 Jul,2021 16:00 02 Aug,2021 17:00 3255 USD twinShare available
22 Jul,2021 16:00 02 Aug,2021 17:00 3380 USD single available
05 Aug,2021
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05 Aug,2021 16:00 16 Aug,2021 17:00 3255 USD twin available
05 Aug,2021 16:00 16 Aug,2021 17:00 3255 USD twinShare available
05 Aug,2021 16:00 16 Aug,2021 17:00 3380 USD single available

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