4 Places in spain where you will lose your breath

Spain is one of the most beautiful places in Southern Europe, which always welcomes with hot air, perfect beaches, friendly people, siestas and amazing architecture. However, if you really want to capture the essence of this country and if you do dream of visiting Spain to get inspired, it might get difficult to plan your trip there. Simply because this country is so full of amazing things!

Today you are lucky. Bellow we are going to share a short list of just four places in Spain which you just have to visit if you travel there. Moreover, no matter if you are traveling alone or with a family, all of these destinations are just perfect and full of memories you will never forget.

1. Cordoba's Cathedral.

It might be that some kids or adults don't like to visit churches, and that is totally understandable, but this place is special. You will feel like you are walking in one of One Thousand and One Nights tales and the maze at the same time. It is truly impressive, and it also perfectly captures Cordoba's history.

Fun fact: knew it or not, but hundreds of years ago, in this exact place, the largest in Europe and one of the worlds' biggest mosques used to stand, which later was turned into a Christian cathedral we can observe today.

2. The Alhambra (Granada).

This is - one of the ancient Spanish miracles, but to really see it, you should spend a whole day here. However, we must warn you, that it is difficult to get into the Alhambra because during the day only a limited number of people are allowed in here. So it is recommended to book tickets online far in advance, or to get here at 6 AM in the morning and try to get a ticket there.

Alhambra is a massive Moorish palace complex, which was continually being built and expanded until it finally reached its today's size and became huge. If you don't want to stand in huge crowds waiting for tickets, you can walk through the oldest part of the palace and gardens without a ticket, while tickets will take you to the most beautiful art inside of the palace and gardens surrounding it.

3. Juzcar AKA the Smurf village.

If you ever got a chance to see the movie "The Smurfs," or your kids just love these amazing and cute characters, you just have to visit Juzcar, because this film was shot in this Spanish town. In fact, the filmmakers asked to paint the entire village in blue on the condition that later they will remove it and paint the settlement in their desired color. After filming ended, the city was flooded with tourists and the government decided to leave all the buildings in blue. So now, this small village is a real Mecca for all Smurf fans. Here you can get all kinds of Smurf merchandise: Smurfs statues, Smurf figurines, Smurf images, Smurf blue hats, classes, or even blue lemonade.

To be fair, if you want to come to this village, you will have to use serpentine, so plan your time, because you might stay without entertainment!

4. The town with rocky walls - Setenil de las Bodegas.

You can be sure of one thing here – your children will be breathless once they see this city. And adults will open up their jaws too as soon as they see how the mountain is used as a roof or a wall, or as a tiny white Spanish house is naturally enclosed between two huge rocks. The tour here won't be long - just one hour will be enough unless you will want to walk around and enjoy numerous souvenir shops and cafés for tourists.

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