6 Tips for Group Travel Etiquette

Group travel can range from a few days with your best friends to a weekend cruise to a singles vacation organized by a professional travel agency. Whether you are traveling with friends or strangers communication is the key to successfully traveling in a group.
If you follow the tips below you and everyone around you will have a wonderful experience with group travel.

1 – Respect
We have all heard it before, "Treat others as you would like to be treated" This definitely holds true when traveling with others. Whether you are traveling with a group of friends or meeting each other for the first time, it should not matter. Everyone wants the same thing a wonderful vacation. So be respectful of your fellow travelers and especially your roommate.

2 – There is no "I" in Group Travel When traveling within a group, there are always rules to follow. If you are taking a tour or a cruise there will probably be a daily itinerary to follow. Please be fair to your fellow travelers and be on time for all the activities and excursions. If you are not planning on spending scheduled time with the group, please let your tour leader know so the group does not wait for you.

3 – Be Prepared Read all the information that is sent to you pre-trip. If you tour operator / organizer has made the effort to prepare the documents and send them to you, they are probably important. Take your time packing and make sure you have all your important documents and medications with you.

4 - Be Patient Each person in your group will have their own distinct personality. Do not expect to like everyone you will be traveling with. Chances are it won't happen. Just remember that everyone else is also on vacation. Some people might be a little slower than you and others might talk too much. Celebrate the differences and please be patient.

5 - Help Your Fellow Traveler If everyone watches out for the others in the group, there will be less chances of accidents, losses, or even minor inconveniences and increase the likelihood of everyone having a wonderful vacation. 6 – Take Time Out Everyone needs time to themselves, whether it is for a few minutes or for a few hours. Take some time away from the group. Go for a short walk, get a massage or relax in your room. You will feel refreshed and ready to go when the group meets again. 

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Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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