Brighten Your Vacation With The Northern Lights in Iceland

Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

It sometimes seems that there are few surprises left on the planet these days. After all, it is easy to see videos and photos of the world's most beautiful places online now. So what is left to make our mouths drop open and make us feel that we are witnessing something truly special when we travel? One such thing is the remarkable display of the northern lights and one of the best places to see them is Iceland.

What Are They?

For centuries people have tried to find an explanation for the appearance of the legendary northern lights and discover the secrets which they are trying to show us, but what are they really? Well, the northern lights are technically called the aurora borealis. There is an entirely rational, scientific explanation for them, which involves solar wind, charged particles and atoms. However, none of that will matter to you as you stand and gaze up at one of the most awe inspiring sights on the planet. One of the most fascinating aspects of the northern lights is that they provide an ever changing and completely random spectacle. It is a very special experience to see the dancing lights fade and merge and form all sorts of unpredictable patterns in the sky in front of your eyes.

Why Iceland?

The northern lights can be seen in a few different countries and Iceland is one of the best places to do so. You won't be guaranteed to catch sight of this magnificent event no matter where you go but you have a better chance of it in Iceland than in most other places. Apart from your chances of seeing the aurora borealis in Iceland you will also be delighted to find yourself in a county like no other on Earth. It has a hip, lively capital in Reykjavik, hot geysers, geothermal pools, waterfalls, icebergs and glaciers. If you want to feel the forces of nature up close and experience extreme but beautiful places then Iceland is a must. You certainly won't be short of things to do while you are waiting on a glimpse of the northern lights.

When to Go?

There are two factors to take into account when deciding what time of year you will go chasing the magical northern lights in Iceland. First of all, spring and fall equinox time is when there is more chance of the geomagnetic storms which cause this to happen in the first place. Secondly, dark skies are needed for you to appreciate the lights. Because of the northerly position of Iceland summer nights are bright and clear, while winter nights are long and dark. This means that your best chance of seeing this natural phenomenon is between September and March. Of course, this being Iceland winter gets pretty cold, so be sure to take along plenty of warm clothing. You should also be prepared for some evenings in warm, pleasant bars and restaurants while you wait for the perfect moment to go outside and see if you can catch the lights in all their glory. 

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