Best Single Travel, a New Year's resolution, who knew?
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Resolution #1: Start living in the future
Resolution #2: End unhealthy relationships, platonic and otherwise
Resolution #3: Get back in the dating game
Resolution #4: Go out more often, and where other singles tend to gather

How to get started:
Option 1: Sign up for online dating and get networked with millions of other single people you wouldn't otherwise meet.
Option 2: Go out and sit at a restaurant patio or cafe. The wait staff or barista will help keep you company — and, if you ask, he or she might introduce you to other single patrons, too.
One more idea to consider: Join a friendly local sports league or sign up for a singles-only tour or trip through your local travel agency (websites like even group experiences by age range and interest type, if you're not sure where to look).

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