Norway in a Nutshell

If you get a chance to visit Norway, consider going on the Norway in a Nutshell tour. This trip winds through some of the most scenic vistas in Norway. You can opt for a guided tour – which can be rather expensive - or if you're a more experienced traveler you might try setting it up yourself.

We began our journey by boarding a train in Oslo, and then traveled through spectacular mountain passes, complete with glaciers and heart stopping views. At Myrdal we changed to the Flam Railway, and journeyed to even greater heights.

While the weather in Oslo had been a pleasant 75 degrees upon setting out, that changed as we climbed to the top of the Flam route. Before long it seemed we'd entered another dimension. The temperature plummeted, and we began traversing a wind tossed winter wonderland, whipped by the wind and all but buried in a blinding snowstorm. There were occasional homes along the way and I didn't envy them their location.

Upon reaching Flam, it was time to board a ferry and cruise down the Sognefjord, which is Norway's longest and deepest Fjord. Sailing past the charming village of Undredal we enjoyed a view of snowcapped peaks rising from the sides of sparkling water.

We spent a night in Bergen, and then it was back on the road for the return trip. First, a winding bus ride in which the driver entertained with his broken ScandEnglish. "Thank you for enjoying me on this trip," he started, as he dropped us at the train station for the final leg of our journey. But the adventure was far from over as the view going home was as fascinating as the trip out.

Some images from the train: Rivers of glass with canoes and rowboats stored under sod shelters. Quaint Scandinavian homes fronted by carved lattice balconies. Huge barns, equipped with ramps to the second floor to accommodate for massive winter snowfall. Looming rock walls so close you wonder if the train will squeeze through, and villages nestled in valleys backed by striking rock faces and dotted with dazzling streams. Do these people realize they live in a postcard?

For a quick taste of the many faces of Norway, I would highly recommend a singles tour. 

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Friday, 29 May 2020
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