Tips to buy Kindle e-books and keep on reading for a lesser price

Now, Kindle has become a part of most avid readers' lives, and perhaps yours too. If you read a lot, it's well worth it and you might think of reducing your costs on expensive books online. The convenience of reading ebooks can never be underestimated, so if you want to read electronically, here are a few good options to get cheap or free books to read on your device:

Click online for daily and monthly offers: You can get the best of limited-time offers on Amazon's Kindle Store where popular books are featured. If you click on the Kindle Daily Deal, you'll find 10 books, with most of them priced at $1.99 or under. For a more extensive variety of books, check out the Monthly Deals Section, where books cost a minimum of $3.99.

Amazon also has several genres of books such as travel, self-help, children's ebooks, foreign languages, etc, in its Top 100 Free section. Keep looking out for good titles in these sections and you can never go wrong. You can also check out the Barcelo deals going around.

Visit your library: Does your library subscribe to OverDrive? If yes, you can borrow Kindle ebooks for free from here.

Borrow from friends: Perhaps you're looking for more free books that you can read on your Kindle that you can't find on OverDrive. In such a case, use the BookLending service where you can borrow and lend ebooks without having to go to a library. You can borrow from those who are lending the books you want. Also, browse for titles and find them according to genre.

Look for free books: It's very easy to find a free Kindle book online because there are so many out there. If you want to read a particular genre or author, this is the best way to go about it. There's a site called eReaderIQ which is your best resource for free Kindle books. Here, free Kindle books are updated every hour, so you get to see all the time-bound offers.

The best resources to hang out with: There are millions of websites where you can find cheap or even free Kindle books. Apart from eReaderIQ, you can also check out FreeBooksy and Hundred Zeros for frequently updated titles.

Try Project Gutenberg: Alternatively, you can also try the Project Gutenberg ebookstore. Not only is this the world's first ebook site but here you can also get to download classics for free. You also get public domain books here absolutely free for which you might have to pay elsewhere. And, you get it in the exact same version (i.e. with diagrams, illustrations, etc) as the original. If you do want the illustrations too, download the Kindle file with images. However, bear in mind that illustrations take up more disc space.

Add some titles to your wish list: If you have a price limit for buying ebooks beyond which you will not go, you could add such titles to your Amazon Wish List and check if there's a fall in its price every day. The prices of Kindle e-books change at the blink of an eye, so be persevering and watch their prices so you can get at the price you want.


Now, avid readers like you needn't be disappointed to get the books you want at steep prices. By choosing any or some of these options, you can read more and at better prices too!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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