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Japan Explorer Singles Cruise

November 26 - December 8, 2024

Japan is more than just Tokyo and October is a great time to visit as the country erupts in a flood fall colors. Join our singles cruise as we cruise around the island known as the "Land of the Rising Sun". Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life: from Tokyo's metropolitan skyline to Kyoto's shrines and temples to the unique tea houses and cafes in the many ports. We can't think of a better way to experience the exotic beauty of Japan than aboard Norwegian Sun with your new single friends
** All Shore Excursions Included **

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Japan Explorer Singles Cruise Itinerary


Cruise Day 1: Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan (Tuesday: November 26, 2024 / 7:00pm)
But just a short distance outside the clamor of the city is a whole different world. In the surrounding small towns and villages you'll get a glimpse into Japan's rich culture and traditions. Here you'll discover scores of wooden residential homes, ancient temples, shrines and imperial gardens. Tokyo is truly a study in delightful contrasts.
Board The Norwegian Sun


Cruise Day 2: A Day at Sea (Wednesday: November 27, 2024)
Tote bag paintingOur first day at sea should be relaxing but lots of fun. So let's get to know each other using the interesting Conversation Starter questions. We never know what the question is or the unexpected answers from your fellow cruisers. 
This afternoon is Paint Your Tote time.  If you can color then you will love painting a tote bag. So sit back and let your artistic juices start flowing.  And yes you get to keep the bag so get as creative as you like. 

Cruise Day 3: Kagoshima 
(Thursday: November 28, 2024 / 8:00am - 6:00pm)

Kagoshima, a seaside city on Japan's Kyushu Island, is the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture. It's best known for Sakurajima, an active volcano that faces Kinko Bay. At its base, the Nagisa Lava Trail winds through lava fields filled with boulders. Once set on an isolated island, the volcano became connected to the Osumi Peninsula after an eruption in 1914.


Cruise Day 4: Naze Oshima Island (Friday: November 29, 2024 / 7:00am - 3:00pm)
The Naze Port is located in the northwestern part of Amami Oshima Island. As a port for trade with mainland Japan as well as countries to the south, it has played a key role in the development of transportation, the economy, industries, and culture since olden times.


Cruise Day 5: Miyako-Jima Okinawa, Japan (Saturday: November 30, 2024 / 10:00am - 8:00pm)
Miyako Island is the largest and the most populous island among the Miyako Islands of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Miyako Island is administered as part of the City of Miyakojima, which includes not only Miyako Island, but also five other populated islands.


Cruise Day 6: Taipei Keelung, Taiwan (Sunday: December 1, 2024 / 8:00am - 4:00pm)
Keelung City is a port city near Taipei, in northern Taiwan. Surrounded by mountains, it’s known for its sheltered harbor. Near the waterfront, street-food stalls at Miaokou Night Market offer traditional snacks and seafood. Several forts around the area include hilltop Ershawan Fort, with cannons and a Chinese-style gate. Both Gongzi Liao Fort and Dawulun Fort offer views over the harbor and ocean.


Cruise Day 7: Naha, Okinawa (Monday: December 2, 2024 / 11:30am - 8:00pm)
Naha is the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, the tropical island group south of mainland Japan. It's known for Shuri Castle, the restored royal palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom, which flourished from the 1400s–1800s and invented the martial art karate. Tsuboya district is assocated with traditional ceramics like shiisa (lion-dog figures). Lined with shops, bars and restaurants, Kokusaidori is Naha's main street.


Cruise Day 8: A Day at Sea (Tuesday: December 3, 2024 )
It has been a busy week! Let's enjoy our only day at sea and the special singles activities on board our cruise ship, the Norwegian Sun.


Cruise Day 9: Kochi, Japan  (Wednesday: December 4, 2024  / 8:00am - 6:00pm)
Kochi CastleKochi, the capital of Kochi Prefecture is located on on the Southern coast of Shikoku island in Japan. Kochi's free and daring characteristics have created generous yet deeply strong residents called "Igosso" or "Hachikin," and the wisdom and activity of the people of Kochi, who are full of ideas, gave birth to special gardening crops and industrial technologies.
Included Shore Excursion: Kochi Castle & Japanese Tea Ceremony - Kochi Castle, one of just twelve Japanese castles to have survived the fires, wars and other catastrophes of the post feudal age, was built between 1601 and 1611, but most of its main buildings date from 1748. The castle buildings have since been designated "important cultural properties", and now house local treasures and historical objects. A unique feature of Kochi's castle is that its main tower (donjon) was not only used for military purposes, but also as Makino Botanical Gardena residence. The castle's wooden interior maintains the appearance of its Edo Period origins, and the lookout point from the castle tower's top floor has wonderful views.
Hirome Market is a place for locals and visitors to eat both local cuisine and international flavors. Inside the nostalgia-inspiring market there are approximately 65 street stall-style restaurants, selling fresh fish, meat, unique knick knacks and clothing. With tables throughout, we can get takeout from different restaurants and enjoy a variety of foods.
After our lunch break we visit the Makino Botanical Garden, located at the summit of Godaiyama. About 7,400 acres, including wild plants, color the four seasons in the approximately 14 acres of the garden, making it temple of Tosaone of Japan's leading integrated botanical gardens where you can feel the joy of meeting plants in nature.
Next we will visit the famous temple of Tosa, Chikurinji, adjacent to the Makino Botanical Garden. Monk disciples gathered, becoming the center of Tosa culture as a study temple. Many works of great importance have come out of this place, and there is a “secret” Buddha that is only shown to the public once every 50 years. Further, the five-storied pagoda built in the precinct is the only one in Kochi Prefecture, and the tower contains stupas from India.
Our final stop is to enjoy the panoramic views of Kochi City, Urado Bay and Kochi Port from the Godaisan Observatory. Kochi Prefecture’s premier viewing spot overlooking a grand panorama of mountains, harbor and city.



Cruise Day 10: Kyoto/Osaka, Japan (Thursday: December 5, 2024  / 8:00am - )
Japan KyotoOsaka is a large port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu. It's known for its modern architecture, nightlife and hearty street food. The 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle, which has undergone several restorations, is its main historical landmark. It's surrounded by a moat and park with plum, peach and cherry-blossom trees. Sumiyoshi-taisha is among Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines.
Included Shore Excursion: Kyoto by Bullet Train  - Today we get to ride one of the most popular attractions in Japan: the high-speed Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto, home to thousands of temples and shrines. In Kyoto, considered the capital of Japanese Bullet Trainculture, visit the majestic Kiyomizu-dera Temple. This Buddhist temple was founded in 778 AD and contains buildings from the 17th century, including a main hall designated as a National Treasure. Enjoy an outstanding panoramic view of Kyoto from temple’s wooden stage, drink the sacred water filled with good karma at the Otowa no Taki waterfall, wish for a loving relationship at Kiyomizu derathe Jishu Shrine and venture into the “womb of the bodhisattva” tunnel.
After our tour of Kiyomizu-dera, we'll visit the famous Golden Pavilion, or Kinkakuji Temple, whose top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. When built the Kinkakuji temple complex rivaled the sprawling Kyoto Imperial Palace Park, both in terms of the number of structures arrayed across the grounds, and as a political and administrative center. However,this changed on the death of Yoshimitsu in 1408, when he willed the estate to Zen Buddhists, to be converted to a Zen temple.

Cruise Day 11: Kyoto/Osaka, Japan (Friday: December 6, 2024 / - 5:00pm)
Osaka Castle
Osaka is a large port city and commercial center on the Japanese island of Honshu. It's known for its modern architecture, nightlife and hearty street food. The 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle, which has undergone several restorations, is its main historical landmark. It's surrounded by a moat and park with plum, peach and cherry-blossom trees. Sumiyoshi-taisha is among Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines.
Included Shore Excursion: Osaka Castle & City Tour - Today we tour Osaka and visit the city's most exciting landmarks. We'll stop at Osaka Castle, the magnificent 16th-century gold and white landmark. The castle, built in 1583, has undergone rebuilds and several renovations and the tower is now entirely modern inside, and includes elevators and a museum, but retains its external citadels, gates, stone walls Dotonbori Osakaand moats. As we wander through each of the castle's seven floors, we'll be introduced to Japan's ancient and modern history and culture. On the eighth floor, the observation deck offers an amazing panoramic view of the city.
Next, we'll have time on our own to stroll through the Dotonbori district, renowned for its gaudy neon lights, extravagant signage, and the enormous variety of restaurants and bars. Osaka’s obsession with food is often summed up with the expression “kuidaore” which is often interpreted to mean “eat till you drop”. Dotonbori is said to be the best place to experience this kuidaore style extreme love of food. The street-side food stalls serve everything from kebabs and crabs to fugu and shabu shabu. In between bites, you can shop for souvenirs.


Cruise Day 12: Mt. Fuji (Shimizu), Japan  (Saturday: December 7, 2024 / 10:00am - 7:00pm)
Komagatake RopewayOn clear days, particularly in winter, Mount Fuji (Fuji-san in Japanese) is visible from as far as Tokyo, 60 miles away. When Japan’s highest mountain is capped with snow, it’s a picture-postcard perfect volcanic cone. One of the best-known symbols of Japan, this iconic mountain has been considered sacred since ancient times and was even forbidden to women until the early 1900s.
Included Shore Excursion: Hakone Excursion & Lake Ashi Cruise- Get your cameras out for our amazing visit to Hakone National Park, take a pirate-style boat, and enjoy a ropeway ride. Be whisked away in just 7 minutes and 30 seconds to another world high lake ashi cruiseabove it all. Komagatake Ropeway is built atop the Senjojiki Cirque directly below Mt. Hokendake (elevation 9616 feet) in the Japan’s Central Alps. The ropeway features Japan’s largest elevation gain and Japan’s highest terminal station, Senjojiki Station at 8569 feet. From the platform, we can see the Southern Alps and Mt. Fuji in the distance. Away from the platform we will be treated to magnificent views of the Senjojiki Cirque.
Stroll the area, if weather permits you can see Mt Fuji, Suruga Bay and Ashino-ko Lake from the observatory . Time to cross Lake Ashi on our pirate boat before we start our journey back to our cruise ship.


Cruise Day 13: Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan  (Sunday: December 8, 2024 / 8:00am - )
Our wonderful Around Japan cruise has come to end. Disembark and transfer to the airport for your flights home.
The closest airport to the Yokohama port is Haneda Airport (HND). The distance is 11.0 miles. The journey time between Port of Yokohama and Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) is around 2 hours and covers a distance of around 62 miles.
Disembark the Norwegian Sun

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Japan Explorer Singles Singles Cruise
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