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Travel Destination - Australia


Australia is the world's largest island, the smallest continent and the sixth-largest country. Australian culture is made up of people from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have inhabited Australia for tens of thousands of years but most Australians are immigrants or their descendants who arrived during the past two hundred years from more than 200 countries. Learn about the history, religion, languages and traditions of the Aborigines at art galleries and cultural centers throughout the country.


Australia's largest cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. Each city is totally distinct: visit The Rocks in Sydney, Brisbane’s South Bank and Perth’s funky central suburbs. Stop at Adelaide’s Central Markets and explore new places and trends, from Melbourne’s summer rooftops to Darwin’s revitalised waterfront.


There is a huge selection of attractions scattered around this country - the only drawback is the distances between them. The terrain of Australia varies from region to region, but much of inner Australia is vast undeveloped outback and the coastal regions feature pristine beaches or tropical rainforests. Australia is also known for its unique animals including koalas and kangaroos.


The two most photographed icons of Australia are the imposing vista of Ayers Rock and Sydney Harbour. Located in the Northern Territory, almost exactly in the center of the country, this Ayers Rock, or Uluru as it is properly known, has been a sacred site for the Aboriginal tribes for thousands of years. The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge dominate the harbour and exploring the two are an unforgettable experience.


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