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Vacations are under the supervision of Tours Are Us Company, Inc dba Best Single Travel. Tours Are Us Company, Inc dba Best Single Travel acts solely as agent in arranging for transportation, hotel accommodations, sightseeing, and other services, as described in on this website and in our catalog. Therefore, Tours Are Us Company, Inc dba Best Single Travel shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, injury, damage, accident, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary, schedule or accommodations, caused directly or indirectly from acts of god, fire, strikes, governments or civil disturbances, riots, thefts, pilferage, any act or default of any company or person engaged in transporting the passenger or rendering any other service or carrying out the arrangements for any tour, or by the act of default of any hotel proprietor or servant. The right is reserved to alter the itinerary or schedule at any time, with or without prior notice, if in the opinion of the operator such an adjustment is necessary or desirable.

Tours Are Us Company, Inc dba Best Single Travel reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any tour should such person's health, mental or physical condition or general deportment impede the operation of the tour or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other passengers and a refund of recoverable unused land tour services is the limit of the agent's liability should such a person be required to terminate the tour. The right is reserved to withdraw from the tour at any time and liability is limited to a refund of all monies received. No refunds will be granted for any unused portions of this tour unless arranged with the operator's approval in writing in advance. Meals, gratuities, entertainment and tax are not included in tours unless specifically stated. Fares quoted herein are based on those rates in effect at the time of the printing of this brochure and while no changes are anticipated, fares are subject to change without notice.

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