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Small Group Cooking Vacations

Are You Passionate About Food?

Travel to far off destinations and learn to cook with like-minded singles and friends. Immerse yourself in local culture while learning to cook in Italy or France. Stay at a villa or boutique hotel with a small group of cooks and wonderful menus. See what you can learn on a one week cooking vacations for singles. 

Bologna cooking

Bologna, italy
Cooking Vacations


Cooking Vacations in Puglia

puglia, italy
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sorrento cooking 2

amalfi coast italy
Mediterranean Cooking Vacations


sorrento cooking 2

Loch Lomond, Scotland
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Pilates seville

Seville Cooking Vacations


sorrento cooking 2

Scottish Castle
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sorrento cooking 2

Scottish Highlands
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Cooking in Sicily vacations

sicily, italy
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Tuscany cooking

Tuscany Italy
Cooking Vacations