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Packing tips for your singles vacation


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Trip Tips and What to Pack for Your
Greece Singles Vacations


Mykonos Greece

You will not be able to leave your home country if you do not have a valid passport (but you won’t need a visa or shots). Also note that some countries will not allow you to enter if your passport is due to expire within 6 months. Check your passport expiration date and renew your passport ASAP if need be.

Greece's monetary unit is the Euro. No other currency is accepted. The exchange rates are the same throughout the country and you can exchange money at a bank or an official exchange shop where you will get the best rates. Rates at the airport seem to favor the bank. Almost every shop, hotel and restaurant accepts credit cards, but many shops in small towns don't.

Greece is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time which means it is 7 hours later in Greece than it is on the East Coast of the United States and Canada, and 10 hours later than it is on the West Coast.

Electric Plugs
Electrical sockets (outlets) in Greece usually supply electricity at between 220 and 240 volts AC. If you're plugging in an appliance that was built for 220-240 volt electrical input, or an appliance that is compatible with multiple voltages, then an adapter is all you need.

But travel plug adapters do not change the voltage, so the electricity coming through the adapter will still be the same 220-240 volts the socket is supplying. North American sockets supply electricity between 110 and 120 volts, far lower than in most countries of the world. Consequently, North Americans will need to use an electric converter, NOT an adapter.

The summer months of July and August are the busiest months, but also have the most ferries and flights scheduled to the Greek islands. The weather is good in Greece by most standards from April to mid October, with temperatures warm enough for swimming from mid-May through September.

The sun in Greece is very strong. It is really important to bring a good sun hat.

What to Pack for Your Vacation
The Greek Islands are very casual, and on the beach and in most beach side cafes and tavernas you could wear tee shirts, shorts and swimsuits, though if you're just wearing a swim suit you might want to add a shirt or cover-up. In towns casual clothes are recommended. As for religious sites, local custom vary so be prepared to dress rather modestly if you are visiting churches or monasteries.

One suitcase and an overnight bag are allowed – please check with individual airlines for weight limits.
* Comfortable sturdy shoes, tennis shoes with plenty of tread, sandals – we will be doing a lot of walking
* Please watch your money - have a money belt or pouch – Ladies a bag that you keep close
* Light, water-resistant jacket that will keep you warm on a cool evening or during a sudden downpour
* Pants/Shorts/Skirts/ long and short sleeved shirts – good for layering – hot days – cooler nights – Ladies skirts and sun dresses are cooler then shorts.
* Bathing suits and cover ups
* Tank Tops, Underwear, socks
* Shawl (Women) – great for cooler evenings, also can be skirt/sarong - if needed.
* Travel-size shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and paste. Moisturizer – remember to pack in your suitcase – only 3 ounces or less allowed in carry-ons
* Contact lenses and/or extra pair of sunglasses
* Sun block of at least 15 SPF – don’t forget the lips
* Hat for the sun / Water bottle / umbrella to keep sun away
* Camera – and charger – batteries – extra memory cards
* Cell Phone/camera/ computer chargers/adaptors.
* Hair Dryers – flat irons – don’t count on all hotels having them available when you want to use them
* Chargers and Adaptors for all your electronics
* Personal medications / Anti-itch cream for insects bites
* Pepto-Bismol for diarrhea, Throat lozenges, Aspirin/Ibuprofin, Antacid tablets
* Earplugs, Eye Mask (for light sleepers)
* Plastic bags (zip lock bags and a larger trash bag) to store wet things.
* Travel alarm clock or can use cell phone
* Notebook for traveling thoughts and addresses, pens, pencils


How to dial a Greece Landline 

XXX: International Access Code
30 : Country Code for Greece
Area code: 2 – 4 digits
Local telephone number: 6 – 8 digits

How to dial a Greece Mobile 

XXX: International Access Code
30: Country Code for Greece
Mobile Number : 10 digits start with 6

Shopping in Greece is an enjoyable and a memorable experience. Greece is a shopper's paradise and the range of items includes clothing, jewelery and also traditional Greek products like wines, pottery, religious icons and embroidery. Shopper's are amazed by the reasonable price and the good product quality.

Top 10 Souvenirs and Gifts to Buy In Greece
Taking gifts back for friends and family is an important part of your Greece Singles Vacation. Here is a suggestion of gifts you could take back home.
1 - Grecian pottery - ceramic, decorated or plain, replicas of helmets or swords.
2 - Pure Olive Oil Soap in decorative packaging or Virgin Olive Oil in traditional containers.
3 - Komboloi - Greek worry beads
4 - Greece style clothing and tee shirts.
5 - Jewelry - Bracelets, rings and necklaces in ancient Greece styles
6 - Bottle openers, magnets and key rings with Greece motifs
7 - Greek Treats: honey, sweets, chocolates, pistachio nuts
8 - Traditional style table cloths, pillow covers and beach towels.
9 - Natural Sea Sponges from the Aegean Sea.
10 - CDs of traditional Greek music or a DVD with Greek sites

Local Foods
The tastes of Greece are rooted in the landscape; the olive groves on the hillside, the trees laden with lemons, the mint and oregano that gives out its fragrance as you brush by. The Greeks typically eat their big meal of the day in a late lunch and then have an afternoon siesta during the heat of the summer, with only a smaller light meal in the evening.

The main ingredient you will probably find in every Greek dish is olive oil and a Greek salad will be on every table. Fresh fish or Kalamari (squid) would be an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. For a quck lunch individual Spinach Pies (spanakopita), Gyros (gee'ros.), and Cheese Pie (Tyropita) are a good choice.

Every restaurant in Greece is obligated by law to exhibit the menu with prices by the entrance. This way you can stroll down the street, and browse at all the menus and prices before you make a decision to enter a restaurant.

There is no closing hour established for restaurants, bars, cafeterias and night clubs.
Very Important Vacation Information
* Do not carry a lot of cash, you will be able to stop at ATMs throughout our tour and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere
* Money – Debit/Credit cards - be sure to have your PIN numbers. – Call your banks and credit companies and let them know you are traveling
* We do not advise to take Travelers Checks, they are hard to exchange
* A copy of your passport is always a good idea to leave with your emergency contacts
* Best Single Travel suggests that you visit your Doctor before your trip.

Don’t Leave Home without your Passport!